Jitter entropy RNG disable on non-x86?
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Jitter entropy RNG appears to be disabled on all non-x86 architectures. Is this intentional?

In configure.ac, we have:

# Reset non applicable feature flags.
if test "$mpi_cpu_arch" != "x86" ; then
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AFAIK, Stephan evaluated it only for x86, let me ask him ...

Please see [1] appendix F - I tested it more or less on all major CPUs, small
and large, old and new:

  • Intel / AMD x86
  • ARM
  • MIPS
  • IBM Z Systems Mainframe
  • Itanium

[1] https://chronox.de/jent/doc/CPU-Jitter-NPTRNG.pdf

Thanks for the info. So I guess me added that restrictions to be on the safe side regarding the VS-Nfd evaluation. For 1.9 we can and should lift that.

Ok. This was just something that I noticed while going through configure.ac. Should I make patch for this or do you want to?

Yes please.

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Solved in master (1.9). We won't do it in 1.8.