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gpgsplit not installed by default
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The default make install on non-win32 excludes gpgsplit from installation. Is this intentional?

I would expect all available and maintained "tools", including gpgsplit, not to be excluded on any platform.

On Debian gpgsplit is packaged in gnupg-utils - i.e. the issue is resolved by the package maintainers. On ArchLinux there is no official alternative package that contains gpgsplit.

I found no other ticket or mention of why this would be excluded, and the commit that introduces the change, 53c636c4c6, was made in 2010 and only states "./ --build-w32ce does now succeed."

Any reason not to remove the restriction and have gpgsplit re-introduced as part of the main package? This seems the right way to go (unless there's another reason for exclusion).


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It was actually moved to noninstall in 2006. The reason or this is a conflict between the version of gpgsplit in GnuPG 1.4 and 2.0. Back then it seemed easier to keep on using the gpgpslit from 1.4 because that version was installed anyway. At that time gpg was called gpg2 we changed this much later and probably forgot to switch also to the gpgsplit from GnuPG 2.

I have a couple of changes in the queue for 1.4 (e.g. removing keyserver support ) and this also included movin gpgsplit to noninstall.

I am going to include gpgsplit into 2.2.22 even if that may lead to an install conflict.

Thanks for reporting.

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