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Retain the exact name of the archive when extracting/decrypting via gpgtar
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The official documentation for gpgtar's "--directory" switch suggests that it should by default create a directory with the exact same name as the archive that is to extracted/decrypted to place the files in, but this is only partially true (at least on Windows anyways).

The way it works right now, it will take "foo.gpg" and create"foo_1_" instead of a plain "foo" directory.

The request, of course, is for modifying gpgtar's behavior so that "_1_" isn't added at all, either by default or alternatively through the use of a simple switch in case this "_1_" isn't an essential part of some standard that gpg may have been set up to comply to.

Thanks for your time and sorry for any inconveniences.


2.2.23 on Windows XP 32-bit

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Using a not yet existing directory is a security feature. The directory is created at a time the signature has not yet been verified and thus it would be too easy to trick a user into overwriting important data.

Adding an option as you suggested is of course possible.