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Using GPGWin 3.1.13, Putty fails to load the private key from a YubiKey
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Hello all,

I've been using GPG4Win for a long time and I'm always happy to so. :) In the latest version 3.1.13 a problem occured to me though:
I'm using a YubiKey for SSH authentication alongside with PuTTY, the setup is like described here. Now, when I start PuTTY and try to access a remote machine that way, I will get an error: Pageant failed to provide a signature

I can reproduce this reliably every time I use GPG4Win 3.1.13. The problem does not exist with 3.1.12 or 3.1.11. I've also tried PuTTY 0.73 and 0.74, which didn't change anything. (Btw., the rest is a "normal" Windows 10 system.)

It seems that the YubiKey is correctly detected as smartcard (I use gpg --card-status to check this).

The problem is not too bad to me as I can go back to GPG4Win 3.1.12, but there might be more people facing it and one could possibly have a closer look into it. If you give me some directions, I will gladly supply more detailed data, if this helps.

Thank you and keep up the great work!




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That code in gnupg has not been touched in a very long time so this may be caused by some side effect.

Removing 2.2 tag because it has been fixed in one of the last releases.

I'm also getting this same error with GPG4Win 3.1.14.

My system has two smartcards, one used for Windows authentication and one is my Yubikey.

I get this error immediately after a login event, whether it's first login, unlocking the workstation, or connecting to a VPN to the domain controller. Anything that refreshes my login will cause this error to occur just once. I can repeat the command and then the card is recognized. It's very strange.

Closing due to age and because gpg4win 4 started to using the much improved GnuPG 2.4