Using GPGWin 3.1.13, Putty fails to load the private key from a YubiKey
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Hello all,

I've been using GPG4Win for a long time and I'm always happy to so. :) In the latest version 3.1.13 a problem occured to me though:
I'm using a YubiKey for SSH authentication alongside with PuTTY, the setup is like described here. Now, when I start PuTTY and try to access a remote machine that way, I will get an error: Pageant failed to provide a signature

I can reproduce this reliably every time I use GPG4Win 3.1.13. The problem does not exist with 3.1.12 or 3.1.11. I've also tried PuTTY 0.73 and 0.74, which didn't change anything. (Btw., the rest is a "normal" Windows 10 system.)

It seems that the YubiKey is correctly detected as smartcard (I use gpg --card-status to check this).

The problem is not too bad to me as I can go back to GPG4Win 3.1.12, but there might be more people facing it and one could possibly have a closer look into it. If you give me some directions, I will gladly supply more detailed data, if this helps.

Thank you and keep up the great work!



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That code in gnupg has not been touched in a very long time so this may be caused by some side effect.

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Removing 2.2 tag because it has been fixed in one of the last releases.

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I'm also getting this same error with GPG4Win 3.1.14.

My system has two smartcards, one used for Windows authentication and one is my Yubikey.

I get this error immediately after a login event, whether it's first login, unlocking the workstation, or connecting to a VPN to the domain controller. Anything that refreshes my login will cause this error to occur just once. I can repeat the command and then the card is recognized. It's very strange.