Kleopatra: Rename secret key export to backup
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I still get to many secret keys when I ask someone for their OpenPGP Certificate.

I've thought about what to do here. And I think it would be better to call the option differently. Not "Export Secret Key" but "Backup Secret Key" to make it clear that its not an export that should be given to someone. And it also makes it more clear if someone gets the instruction "export your key with kleopatra"...

Improving the "New Certificate Dialog" which is something on the agenda might also help.

since 3.1.13 / 3.1.12 the filename contains _SECRET_ and the user is asked for the passphrase explicitly when exporting. So I doubt that another dialog with a warning would help much.

aheinecke created this task.Mon, Oct 5, 2:58 PM

I suggest to also change the option to "Backup Secret Key..." (i.e. singular instead of plural) because the corresponding action does not support the export of multiple secret keys.

werner added a subscriber: werner.Wed, Oct 14, 4:48 PM

The user is asked for a passphrase only if the key has a passphrase. I am still in favor of making a passphrase optional and then we need an extra dialog. Better safe than sorry. Those who have a workflow which includes the export of the secret key can still use the command line.

On Linux it might be useful to pop-up a warning only if the backup is to be stored to the same devices.