GPG4Win Executes through Personal (having admin rights ) account only
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I have installed gpg4win on windows server. I have admin rights and when i installed, i run exe as administrator.
i created keys in kleopatra. When i run batch files by double clicking on it, it works fine. If same batch file execute by other user then it does not work. It seems exe search for public or private key here => C:\Users\dharav\AppData\Roaming\gnupg
If any user import this public keys through kleopatra then it works for that user as well.

Is there a way that we can install ones and system account (service runs on system account) and other user can access this?

I export both public and private keys and stored in the E:\Test\ folder.
My gpg exe file stored in E:\Software\PGPWin\GnuPG\bin\ location

code in batch file:

set path=%path%;"E:\Software\PGPWin\GnuPG\bin\"
gpg --logger-file "D:\gpglog.log" --pinentry-mode loopback --batch --no --force-mdc --passphrase-file "D:\PassCode.txt" -d -o "D:\ERP_Export.txt" "D:\Encrypt_ERP.txt"

Being a new bee, i am not able to understand the workflow of the GPG4WIN and its set up.

Please Advise.

Thank You

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Please understand that this is a bug tracker and not a support line.

If you need support you may

  • Write to the public mailing list gnupg-users at gnupg dot org (if you have some patience you don't need to subscribe)
  • Choose a service company (see
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@werner , if you would like some help moderating this bug tracker, I don't mind volunteering to do it.