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Change Reset Code not working in Kleopatra
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The current Kleopatra version has in the smartcard mode a button "Change Reset Code" . This does not work.
The button should also be renamed "Set Reset Code" and if possible moved to an Admin-only dialog.

The Reset Code is the same as a PUK mechanism. The idea here is that the holder of the card does not have access to the Admin PIN, so that the holder is not able to generate keys or change other properties. However in the case the holder mistype the PIN 3 times, the Reset Code can be used to set a new PIN without asking the admin to set a new PIN. To make this work the admin initially sets a Reset Code and tells the card holder the PIN along with the Reset Code. The button (or the admin->passwd dialog of gpg --card-edit) is used by the admin to set the Reset Code. The card holder uses a not yet available button (or "unblock" in gpg --card-edit) to set a new PIN.

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You write

This does not work.

Can you be more specific? What doesn't work? Which OS, which version of Kleopatra, what smartcard are you using?

I tried it with Kleopatra master (and gpgme+gpg master) on Linux with a (factory-resetted) Yubikey 5 (with PIV and OpenPGP enabled) and it does seem to work. At least, I was first asked for the admin PIN and then twice for the reset code.

For what it's worth, Kleopatra simply does


for OpenPGP v2+ cards.

Therefore, please try if

gpg-connect-agent "SCD PASSWD --reset OPENPGP.2" /bye

where necessary preceeded by SCD SWITCHAPP openpgp works for you.

As for renaming "Change Reset Code" to "Set Reset Code", what about "Change PIN" and "Change Admin PIN"? Should they also be renamed? If not, why not? Is there no default reset code? Is there a way to find out whether the reset code has already been set (in which case "change" would be more appropriate than "set")?

I think from a user perspective it makes little sense to use different verbs for PIN, admin PIN, and reset code. I'm totally okay with changing "Change" to "Set" for all three buttons, but I'm reluctant to change it only for the reset code button.

"Change Reset Code" should work in Kleopatra. At least for OpenPGP v2+ cards. Kleopatra simply does "SCD PASSWD --reset OPENPGP.2", i.e. the same as gpg-card. I have verified that it works with a Yubikey.

Note: Officially, Kleopatra does not support OpenPGP v1 cards. At least, according to the text that is displayed if no card is found.

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Werner, please retest. If "Change Reset Code" still doesn't work for you, then please answer the questions in the first comment.

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