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Kleopatra: Simplify newkey generation
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Kleopatra should make it simpler to create a new key.

Discussions we had some years ago about usability basically said that it should all be broken down to a single dialog with clear directions afterwards of what to do. We can still have the advanced options dialog to change usages and algorithms.

Currently the Wizard offers multiple ways to end the dialog and requires too many clicks.



Event Timeline

There is a question for me here if we should make the behavior of rKLEOPATRA5639dc833f92 the default.

This skips the result page and instead opens the certificatedetails window for the newly created key. The details allow the user to export the key, add additional user ids and to change the passphrase. I think that this is a decent landing page after generating a key but I was not confident enough to make this the default.

Alternatively I thought it might be useful to just open a "file save->as" dialog to save the public key as a file. Because I think the next step after key generation is usually to share the key with someone else and for this I would rather just open File SaveAs instead of providing all the options for "send by mail, publish on keyserver" etc.