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Personal Key Pair Creation Wizard Result - "Could not create key pair: Permission denied"
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The previous version of Kleopatra that I was using began failing to import certificates, reading "Total number processed: 0
Imported: 0"
I uninstalled Gpg4win and installed the latest version. I still receive the same error when attempting to import certificates, but now I am also unable to create a new personal OpenPGP key pair. After setting the key parameters and setting a passcode, it fails due to "Permission denied". Several clean reinstallations and different installation paths have failed to fix the issue.


Gpg4win - 3.1.14

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Screenshots of the issue are attached.


please move away %AppData%\gnupg
it usually expands to c:\users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\gnupg

This is where all GnuPG's files live so if you then start Kleopatra again it will really start from scratch and permission problems should be solved. If not, please comment again.

I think the reason is that some files might be created by accident with elevated privileges. Kleopatra should not run with elevated privileges and we should really have a check for that. I open another issue for this.

aheinecke claimed this task.

I removed gnupg from the %AppData% directory and restarted Kleopatra, but I am running into the same permissions issue.