Kleopatra: Check if run with elevated privileges and exit in that case
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Kleopatra should never be executed with elevated privileges. This might even allow local privilege escalation attacks. I can't think of a usecase for an elevated Kleopatra. Even for the case where the admin manages a keyring then kleopatra should rather be executed as a different user and not with privileges. We should have a warning about that.

Related to T5211

I removed gnupg from the %AppData% directory and restarted Kleopatra, but I am running into the same permissions issue.

JohnsonTM2017 raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Mon, Jan 4, 5:38 PM

I've attempted the fix a couple of times now, and it doesn't seem like Kleopatra is running with elevated privileges, but I'm still encountering the permission denial.

Have you tried on the command line: "gpg --gen-key" ? Maybe this gives more helpful debug output. But in the case of "permission denied" this really sounds like a local setup issue as there are also no other reports related to this. Still I'll add the saveguard to make the check in kleo more explicit.