libgcrypt: Restrict message digest use
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Red Hat's patch of libgcrypt-1.8.3-md-fips-enforce.patch:

I'd understand the intention of this change (as the title of patch suggests), but we need to make sure if it works well.

  • With the patch, for MD5, when fips_mode() returns 1 but it's not enforced, it just go through with no errors.
    • I wonder if the check of _gcry_enforced_fips_mode () should be also removed.
  • We also have such checks and relaxing in gcry_md_hash_buffer and gcry_md_hash_buffers, don't we need to change too?

The original commit which add relaxing is:
rC3f204a1533f1: Do no restrtc usage of MD5 in fips mode.

I wonder if the intention of the patch is reverting rC3f204a15.

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gniibe added a comment.EditedJan 15 2021, 8:44 AM

The changelog in

disable non-approved FIPS hashes in the enforced FIPS mode

But it had been disabled (that is, returning an error by GPG_ERR_DIGEST_ALGO) in the enforced FIPS mode... so, I wonder about what was the original intention.

Note that even after rCce1cbe16992a: Disable non-allowed algorithms in FIPS mode, gcry_md_open won't return an error with disabled algo.

werner added a subscriber: werner.Jan 18 2021, 8:32 AM

I am not sure. MD5 is still important for some applications, say CRAM-MD5. IIRC, back in 2008 we dis-allowed RMD160 and added separate RMD160 code directly to gpg to fulfill FIPS requirements.

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We plan this for 1.10 but it may also go into one of the next 1.9.x releases