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pinentry qt4 fails to compile in pinentry 1.1.1
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According to it should be still possible to compile pinentry against qt4 however it seems to fail after changes made in 1.1.1:

../.././qt/main.cpp:40:10: fatal error: QWindow: No such file or directory
   40 | #include <QWindow>
../.././qt/pinentrydialog.cpp:230:6: error: cannot convert 'PinEntryDialog::PinEntryDialog(QWidget*, const char*, int, bool, bool, const QString&, const QString&, const QString&)::<lambda()>' to 'const char*'

Could you please confirm whether Qt4 is still supported?



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My bad, prior to the release I tested only against Qt5.

Yes, Qt4 should still be supported, no decision to abandon it has been made.

There’s a patch to restore support for Qt4: D521.

I would like input from other Pinentry developers (notably @aheinecke, who introduced the changes inadvertently leading to the loss of compatibility with Qt < 5) before applying it, as it touches parts of the code I am unfamiliar with.

Thanks @aheinecke for fixing my fix with 2859edd! Closing here.