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On Debian 10, I followed the instructions to build gpg4win but got an error when running:

$ ./ --build-w32
configure: convert is missing
configure: error:
*** Required tools not found. Please consult the above messages
*** and install them before running configure again.

Prior to this step, I installed all the packages listed under Basic Requirements. However, it appears that imagemagick (which contains convert) was not included.

Adding imagemagick to the build requirements resolved the issue.

Fix available here:



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There is a message telling you what is missing. Thus I can not consider this a bug. There are just too many dependencies which are required for cross-compiling that the README can only tell about those which we don't expect to be installed on a developer's box.

No question a list like this is bound to be incomplete, but the argument "the README can only tell about those which we don't expect to be installed on a developer's box" does not seem to apply to the other items already on the list. For instance build-essentials and automake are almost certainly on every developers machine already.

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Thanks, I try to keep the README always up to date with the debian depenencies as I find this useful myself without running configure multiple times to find all the dependencies.

I've added the dependency.