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Main certificate view does not keep selected column width
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Column width is reset to standards every start.



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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 17 2021, 10:45 AM
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werner this would really be a bug because we have code in Kleopatra to both save the selected coloumns, their widths and the sorting state.

tps800 how do you close Kleopatra? The Column width is saved when you "Quit Kleopatra" if you only minimize it and then it is maybe restarted after reboot we might have an issue with that.

If you explicitly select "File -> Quit Kleopatra" and then start Kleopatra again are the column widths really not saved? I cannot reproduce that for me this works.

Kleopatra running on Linux (Ubuntu 20.10, 21.04; Fedora 34, 35 (rawhide)) does this. Closing Kleopatras window saves columns and column widths as shown (it even works if I change the systemwide used font).
On Windows 10 this does not work. Closing Kleopatra via the windows "Close Button" or by selecting "Close Window" or "Exit" from the main menu settings will not be saved. Opening the window again will show columns as they where after installing (way to small for displaying the dates created and expired and the hash of the key). The sorting column is lost too on Windows, but not Linux.
I am unsure if this bug is triggered by my company setup, or if it exists on any Windows 10 installation.

I've checked to find if Kleopatra tries to write these settings to some file failing silently because of missing access rights. Might be the problem here. It tries to write to files, but these writes seem to fail. Maybe Kleopatra assumes these files are writable without being sure about it? And in tune does not report about this forbidden action?

When does it work and when not:

  • It works: if I change columns, column widths, sorting column or window size. Then close Kleopatra and restart it within the same environment (screen size).
  • It does not work if I change columns, column widths, sorting column or window size. Then just close the window (hide it), but not closing Kleopatra. At system shutdown Kleopatra seems not to save anything. Same is true if I request quitting Kleopatra via some task manager, sending quit application.
  • Kleopatra seems to loose these settings, if restarted with some other screen size than the one it was last started. Looks like it is enough to switch of the external monitor forcing Windows to switch to the laptop internal one and then turning on the external monitor again windows switching back. If Kleopatra is now quitted it will save the old settings, not the new ones. This may be due to various changes Windows makes to fit best as possible to the other screen size and DPI. These changes seem to confuse Kleopatra not saving anything if quitted afterwards, reverting to the old settings last stored if restarted.

With the third case it accesses the settings file, but does not write anything.