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Kleopatra: Add expiry for certifications in certify dialog
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Yesterday I recommended to someone that they could control the expiry date of OpenPGP keys (which otherwise could be extended by the user) by setting an expiry date on their certifications.

But then I though, that Kleopatra does not yet offer that. We can now revoke certifications through kleopatra but cannot set an expiry date on a certification. It would be nice to have that.
The "Advanced" area of the certifications would be a good place for that in my opinion.
So something for the backlog.

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This needs support for setting a certification expiration for gpgme_op_edit (maybe similar to the support for setting signature notations).

Yes. I know that this is annyoing but I don't think we have a quick command for something like that yet. So editinteractor it is :-/

aheinecke added a subscriber: ikloecker.

Yes the other one was a duplicate, somehow my search didnt find this and I thought I had forgotten to open the issue.