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Release libgpg-error 1.43
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.43 (2021-11-03) [C32/A32/R1]

  • Fix for building against GNU libc 2.34. [T5547]
  • Fix build problems on macOS. [T5440,T5610]
  • Fix gpgrt-config problems. [T5381,T5595]
  • Fix gpgrt_free for legacy platforms. [448bf7b01cad]
  • Fix truncation of error message in the middle of a character. [T5048]
  • Fix the --disable-threads configure options. [T5495]
  • Improve lock-obj generation for cross-builds [99ae862a96a5]
  • Improve cross-builds. [T5365]
  • Improve gpgrt_wait_processes. [T5381]
  • Allow config files to read values from the Windows Registry and from envvars. [b1790f4cc71f]
  • Update the Russian and Czech translations.

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