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scute: Errors when building 1.7
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Trying to rebuild scute 1.7 using the Debian packaging, I ran across a few issues. I could fix them locally but for the sake of users I think it's prudent to adjust the sources.

  1. Error message when making all in doc/
make[3]: Entering directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/doc'
`test -f 'firefox-cm.png' || echo './'`firefox-cm.png firefox-cm.eps
`test -f 'firefox-cm-view-detail.png' || echo './'`firefox-cm-view-detail.png firefox-cm-view-detail.eps
`test -f 'firefox-cm-view.png' || echo './'`firefox-cm-view.png firefox-cm-view.eps
`test -f 'firefox-dm-load-after.png' || echo './'`firefox-dm-load-after.png firefox-dm-load-after.eps
/bin/bash: firefox-cm.png: command not found

Root cause: $(CONVERT) is empty.
Suggested fix: Abort ./configure if no convert program could be found.

  1. Another error message when making all in doc/

(Lost the log, it's about the program yat2m not being found.)

Suggested fix: Probe for that program in ./configure.
Note: That problem might be specific to Debian, in that case of course no action required upstream.

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gouttegd added subscribers: wk, gouttegd.

I agree about checking for convert (but maybe just skip building the doc instead of aborting everything if convert cannot be found).

As for yat2m, it is provided by libgpg-error, which is already a dependency of Scute and whose presence is already tested by the configure script. Apparently Debian splits libgpg-error into the libgpg-error0 and gpgrt-tools packages, with yat2m being in the latter – but only the former is listed as a dependency of the scute package. That’s a mistake from Debian, in my opinion. Still, an extra check for yat2m in the configure script cannot hurt, I guess.

gouttegd triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 24 2021, 11:05 PM

Fixed with commit 4d95b7457d62bf785a2157bb2cfa002bde7ff8f5. It turned out the test the convert was already there, but its result was not used to decide whether to build the doc or not.

It's OK not supporting generation in PostScript format.
Thus, we can remove image_eps support.
Then, convert is not required any more.