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Don't show LDAP credentials in error messages, at least not by default
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Seems something went wrong (local error) when setting up an LDAP server for key storage. So after configuring something like (.gnupg/gpg.conf)

keyserver ldap://ldap-server/????bindname=uid=LordPrivySeal%2Cou=GnuPG%20Users%2Cdc=example%2Cdc=com,password=secret

(this is single line, of couse)

... and publishing a particular key, I receive an error:

gpg --send-keys 6AD74D237F2EEA93271474C20840333D9F15A045
gpg: sending key 0840333D9F15A045 to ldap://ldap-server/????bindname=uid=LordPrivySeal%2Cou=GnuPG%20Users%2Cdc=example%2Cdc=com,password=secret
gpg: keyserver send failed: Invalid LDAP credentials
gpg: keyserver send failed: Invalid LDAP credentials

The actual problem: That password (secret) should not be shown in any error message unless required by the user. The current situation allows credential stealing by a watcher.

Observed with gnupg 2.2.27 and kleopatra 20.08.3 (which echos the gpg error message).

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werner added a subscriber: werner.

I give this a low priority because all those infos are easily retrievable from config files.

My concern is not a disloyal administrator, so I disagree with that priority.

In comparison, nobody would consider it an acceptable behavior of an e-mail client, if it showed the configured password as part of an error message just because of a problem with the connection, something that might be caused by a server outage, expired certificates or a network glitch.

This however is precisely what happens here.

So what do you think is the threat here?

werner claimed this task.

If we ever add a way to take the password from a file we will for sure hide that in the log files. Ceterum autem censeo tesserae esse delendam.