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Kleopatra: Show "is this your own key" question for Smartcards somehow, too
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When importing a secret key from a file Kleopatra shows this dialog:

(importcertificatescomannd.cpp handleHownerTrust)

The problem is that if you use our nice "plug and play" mechanism where we read key stubs automatically from a smartcard and pull the public key from ldap this does not show up. And the user then has to manually set the ownertrust when he wants to use certify.

As we dont necessarily have the attention of the user when a smartcard is inserted and the auto import is done I dont this a dialog at this place would be the proper solution.

A better Idea I think is that when we do "certify" and the key selected for the certification does not have ownertrust, we show a message with a similar question and some "do not ask again" checkbox.

I can't really see a usecase where you would want to do a certification with a key that has no ownertrust so we should assist the user in avoiding this.

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When selecting a certification key without ultimate trust the message "Is this your own key?" is shown.

After clicking "Set owner trust" the message changes to success message (if setting owner trust succeeded).

After a few seconds the status of the certification key updates and the message vanishes.

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Very cool, I like it especially that you avoided a popup and used that action mechanism.