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"Direct Action" to E-Mail not stable
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When I try to forward or reply to an e-mail out of a OL folder (i.e. inbox) with activated GpgOL plugin it does not process the entire e-mail. This means that a new e-mail will be opened but from the original e-mail only the header information (like subject, date,...) are in but not the e-mail content.

Opening the e-mail from the list an forward or reply to it then does work.
Direct processing the e-mail from the folder/inbox does also work when the GpgOL plugin is disabled.

To me it looks as if the plugin has a bug.
Any idea how to overcome with that?

Thanks, Bookie


Gpg4win 3.1.16 / MS365, Outlook, Version 2106, Build 14131.20278