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scd: serialize access of ctrl->card_ctx
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In SCDaemon, it goes like:
(1) card = ctrl->card_ctx
(2) call app_something with card. In the routine, it calls lock_card.

It works most cases, but there is a race condition between scd_update_reader_status_file and those accesses.

Namely, between (1) and (2) above, card may be deallocated.

To fix this situation, we need to introduce a kind of rwlock.
(a) scd_update_reader_status_file and routines like select_application get write lock to access cards (or card-list)
(b) routines app_something get read lock just before getting ctrl->card_ctx

That is, for different card, concurrent accesses should be supported. But, access to deallocated card should not be occurred.

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