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Empty Kleoptara windows on Windows-11 preview
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Windows restored.
Trying to sign a file with Kleopatra

System error w/o errno


Gpg4win-3.1.16 5.77.0

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We need a more detailed bug report to evaluate your problem. Please tell us your Windows version, any special software installed on the system (if any), a step by step description how to reproduce the bug, and any other information which can help us.

Writing to a Gpg4win mailing list or forum is often a better way to get help for a problem and to decide whether the problem is a fixable bug in Gpg4win.

Im using Windows 11
Before the restore, he are working fine
Im trying to sign a file
The kleopatra dont show more error info

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It is quite likeley that things don't work on a non-released Windows version. We have not tested with the released version but some of us already tried Windows-11 and the gog4win development versions do work. Please wait for the next Gpg4win version or an update of the Windows-11 preview.

werner renamed this task from Trying to sign a file to Empty Kleoptara windows on Windows-11 preview.Aug 26 2021, 6:17 PM

Just for the record, Kleopatra and Gpg4win work totally fine for me on Windows-11 preview.