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Add to detect external interference validation the card type : Securite carte à puce
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Need to add my card in the interference check because my card is used with the PCSC_SHARED and this code correct the problem with the external interference from Windows or other use by other components in the OS. REF:T5484 patch line 1454, I need to add CARDTYPE_SCP in the validation check.

The CARDTYPE_SCP is defined by the manufacturer number 0x5343 - SSE Carte à puce Inc / ESS Smartcard Inc. Assigned: 2021-06-10

Thank in advance.

Special thanks to gniibe to help add the check external interference for pcsc_shared card use.

Yannick LaRue
SSE Carte à Puce Inc.

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Is there another way to to detect your card (I assume a Javacard) without relying on the openpgp card application vendor-id like we do it with the Yubikey? I want to avoid a possible early but expensive AID selection just to get the vendor-id.

Card ATR at the cool reset
Card ATR is : 3B 9C 95 81 01 50 53 43 50 2D 53 43 53 56 31 2E 30 8E
Historical Byte is 53435356312E30
CARD ATS-to-ATR is : 3B 8C 80 01 50 53 43 50 2D 53 43 53 56 31 2E 30 0A
CARD ATS is : 11 78 80 B8 02 50 53 43 50 2D 53 43 53 56 31 2E 30
Historical Byte is 53435356312E30
This can by detected for the card type.

Warm reset ATR is not disteintctive.

by the way when the applet is selected, I return
this can be used to detect the manufacturer number