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Null ptr dereference in gpg-agent (gnupg 2.3.2)
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There is a fairly obvious null pointer dereference in gpg-agent, file agent/command.c, line 1958. (Variable "pi" is null.)

This (at least on my machine) breaks symmetric decryption.

The bug is obvious, but the fix is less obvious. I tried lifting the memory allocation for "pi" out of the "if" statement, and passing pi to "agent_get_passphrase" (line 1955), but that broke symmetric encryption even worse. I commented out line 1958 and 1966, and that seems to work okay.

This bug is new in version 2.3.2.



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Aihhh, my fault. seems that a new version it not too far away.

(I closed this by accident)

Fixed in 2.3 and 2.2