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add context menu for normal operation after installation
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The installation should have option to:
Adding context menu "Verify" and "Decrypt" for file with asc and gpg postfix;
Adding context menu "Sign" and "Encrypt" for any file.



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Which product do you refer to? Kleopatra? gpg4win? Something else?
Which operating system are you using? Windows? Linux? Something else?

On Linux, Kleopatra does add context menus to "Sign & Encrypt", "Encrypt", "OpenPGP-Sign" and "S/MIME-Sign" for any file. And at least for files with gpg extension the context menu also offers "Verify/Decrypt". I see them in the context menu of Dolphin in the Actions submenu.

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This is a hard to solve problem in the NSIS installer: If you accidently started more than one installer they may both register files for update at the next restart. Now after the restart the file which is to be renamed does not anymore exist and thus a component or even library is not available. In this case it is GpgEX, the explorer plugin.

To solve this: Uninstall Gpg4win and install it again. Usually you don't need to reboot inbetween but to be on the safe side restart after the uninstall.

Sorry, I should clarify that I am using the windows installer
gnupg-w32-2.2.27_20210111.exe on WindowsXpSp3. The installer do not create
any context menu since I use it. I use Gnupg with Enigmail in Thunderbird,
so Gpg4win is not preferred.

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No support for Windows XP anymore.

What I need is exactly ikloecker described on Linux. The point is NSIS installer gnupg-w32-2.2.27_20210111.exe (and versions above, I am sure) do not create context menu shortcut. Windows XP is not the point. Same on another Windows 7 machine. Do you need I find another windows 10 machine to test? I think it's easier to check whether the installer has that feature or not.

It is related in the following way:
The Gpg4win installer creates these context menu actions through the component GpgEX.
The Gpg4win installer does not support Windows XP anymore.

So I would have suggested to use Gpg4win instead of the Command Line installer. But for XP I cannot do this.

gnupg-w32 is the command line installer, if you want GUI actions like context menu entries you need to use the Gpg4win package that contains GUIs

Thanks for the explanation. I understand gnupg-w32 is mainly for installing the command line component, yet adding a context menu for a specific file type is just as simple as importing a reg file like:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="cmd /c  \"pause|\"C:\\Program Files\\GnuPG\\bin\\gpg.exe\" --verify \"%1\"\""

NSIS installer could do this (as an option during installation), couldn't it?