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Failure with: make DESTDIR=xxx install
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make DESTDIR=xxx install

Fails when building with latest git master (commit 84fcd8e6eb7e0786399e1f6461c3f60b0db2d070) :

/usr/bin/install: cannot create regular file '/usr/lib/gnupg/keyboxd': Permission denied

The build user has no write permission to root dir - obviously it should be installing instead to <xxx>/usr/lib/gnupg/keyboxd
Commit ca54d3f148933baac1f0243f76e4961abca285b1 works fine.

Tools used on arch linux:

autoconf 2.71
automake 1.16.4
gcc 11.1.0


Git master as of commit 84fcd8e6eb7e078

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werner added a subscriber: werner.

Quite possibe and thanks for the report. However, this is a dev state of the things and thus not expected to work. I'll keep this open as a reminder for me, but in general I would prefer to get a report at the gnupg-devel ML.

okidok - understand and thank you.

I won't anymore follow the path of first doing a test install. That is way to hairy in respect to "make distcheck". Change is already in my working directory.

Thank you again.