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Release GnuPG 2.3.4
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.3.4 (2021-12-20)

  • gpg: New option --min-rsa-length. [rG5f39db70c0]
  • gpg: New option --forbid-gen-key. [rGc397ba3ac0]
  • gpg: New option --override-compliance-check. [T5655]
  • gpgconf: New command --show-configs. [rGa0fb78ee0f]
  • agent,dirmngr,keyboxd: New option --steal-socket. [rGb0079ab39d,rGdd708f60d5]
  • gpg: Fix printing of binary notations. [T5667]
  • gpg: Remove stale ultimately trusted keys from the trustdb. [T5685,T5742]
  • gpg: Fix indentation of --print-mds and --print-md sha512. [T5679]
  • gpg: Emit gpg 2.2 compatible Ed25519 signature. [T5331]
  • gpgsm: Detect circular chains in --list-chain. [rG74c5b35062]
  • dirmngr: Make reading resolv.conf more robust. [T5657]
  • dirmngr: Ask keyservers to provide the key fingerprints. [T5741]
  • gpgconf: Allow changing gpg's deprecated keyserver option. [T5462]
  • gpg-wks-server: Fix created file permissions. [rG60be00b033]
  • scd: Support longer data for ssh-agent authentication with openpgp cards. [T5682]
  • scd: Modify DEVINFO behavior to support looping forever. [T5359]
  • Support gpgconf.ctl for NetBSD and Solaris. [T5656,T5671]
  • Silence "Garbled console data" warning under Windows in most cases. [rGe293da3b21]
  • Silence warning about the rootdir under Unices w/o a mounted /proc file system. [T5656]
  • Fix possible build problems about missing include files. [T5592]

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rGe293da3b2149: common,w32: Do not always print "Garbled console data" warning.
rG60be00b0336b: wks: Allow access to newly created dirs
rGdd708f60d5cf: agent,dirmngr: New option --steal-socket
rGb0079ab39d31: keyboxd: New option --steal-socket.
rG74c5b350624b: sm: Detect circular chains in --list-chain.
rG5f39db70c069: gpg,gpgsm: Add option --min-rsa-length.
rGa0fb78ee0fba: gpgconf: Include output of --list-dirs in --show-configs.
rGc397ba3ac02e: gpg: New option --forbid-gen-key.
T5331: Possibly incompatible Ed25519 signature between other implementations and 2.3-bata
T5359: Kleopatra: Loop in DeviceInfoWatcher with GnuPG 2.3 on Windows
T5462: gpgconf: Make gpg/keyserver option available again
T5592: AppImage of Kleopatra
T5655: In -de-vs mode it is not possible so verify sigs with Ed25519 release keys.
T5656: Error emitted: gpg: error reading symlink '/proc/curproc/file': No such file or directory
T5657: dirmngr: libdns sends malformed dns requests
T5667: gpg(v) prints the human-readable form of notations to the status-fd
T5671: (MYPROC_SELF_EXE): Support illumos and Solaris
T5679: Incorrectly aligned text for print-md and print-mds (echoed, piped text only)
T5682: ed25519 internal authenticate with openpgpcard may send long data over short apdu
T5685: Clear stale --trusted-key records from the trustdb
T5741: dirmngr does not ask keyservers for fingerprints
T5742: Apparent regressions between 2.2.32 and 2.2.33 of GnuPG
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