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Release libgcrypt 1.10.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.10.0 (2022-02-01) [C24/A4/R0]

  • New and extended interfaces:
    • New control codes to check for FIPS 140-3 approved algorithms.
    • New control code to switch into non-FIPS mode.
    • New cipher modes SIV and GCM-SIV as specified by RFC-5297.
    • Extended cipher mode AESWRAP with padding as specified by RFC-5649. [T5752]
    • New set of KDF functions.
    • New KDF modes Argon2 and Balloon.
    • New functions for combining hashing and signing/verification. [T4894]
  • Performance:
    • Improved support for PowerPC architectures.
    • Improved ECC performance on zSeries/s390x by using accelerated scalar multiplication.
    • Many more assembler performance improvements for several architectures.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix Elgamal encryption for other implementations. [R5328,CVE-2021-40528]
    • Fix alignment problem on macOS. [T5440]
    • Check the input length of the point in ECDH. [T5423]
    • Fix an abort in gcry_pk_get_param for "Curve25519". [T5490]
  • Other features:
    • The control code GCRYCTL_SET_ENFORCED_FIPS_FLAG is ignored because it is useless with the FIPS 140-3 related changes.
    • Update of the jitter entropy RNG code. [T5523]
    • Simplification of the entropy gatherer when using the getentropy system call.
  • Interface changes relative to the 1.10.0 release:
GCRYCTL_SET_DECRYPTION_TAG            NEW control code.
GCRYCTL_NO_FIPS_MODE = 83             NEW control code.
GCRY_CIPHER_MODE_SIV                  NEW mode.
GCRY_CIPHER_MODE_GCM_SIV              NEW mode.
GCRY_CIPHER_EXTENDED                  NEW flag.
GCRY_SIV_BLOCK_LEN                    NEW macro.
gcry_cipher_set_decryption_tag        NEW macro.
GCRY_KDF_ARGON2                       NEW constant.
GCRY_KDF_BALLOON                      NEW constant.
GCRY_KDF_ARGON2D                      NEW constant.
GCRY_KDF_ARGON2I                      NEW constant.
GCRY_KDF_ARGON2ID                     NEW constant.
gcry_kdf_hd_t                         NEW type.
gcry_kdf_job_fn_t                     NEW type.
gcry_kdf_dispatch_job_fn_t            NEW type.
gcry_kdf_wait_all_jobs_fn_t           NEW type.
struct gcry_kdf_thread_ops            NEW struct.
gcry_kdf_open                         NEW function.
gcry_kdf_compute                      NEW function.
gcry_kdf_final                        NEW function.
gcry_kdf_close                        NEW function.
gcry_pk_hash_sign                     NEW function.
gcry_pk_hash_verify                   NEW function.
gcry_pk_random_override_new           NEW function.

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Jan 17 2022, 12:00 AM

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Hi there, is this the new stable version of libgcrypt? Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask; I just couldn’t find any other release announcement for 1.10.0.

it will be but we first prefer to do some final tests with that version. Feel free to also test. Either this or the next micro version will eventually be announced.

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If you experience build problems on macOS see T6442