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Release GnuPG 2.2.34
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.34 (2022-02-07)

  • gpgconf: Backport the improved option reading and writing code from 2.3. [rG7a3a1ef370,T4788]
  • gpgconf: Do not list ignored options and mark forced options as read-only. [T5732]
  • gpgconf: Correctly show registry entries with --show-configs. [T5724]
  • gpgconf: Add command aliases -L, -K, and -R. [rGf16c535eee]
  • gpgconf: Tweak the use of the ldapserver option. [T5801]
  • gpgconf: Make "--launch gpg-agent" work again. [rG5a7ed6dd8f]
  • gpg: Accept Ed25519 private keys in modernized encoding. [T5120]
  • gpg: Fix adding the list of ultimate trusted keys. [T5742]
  • gpgsm: New option --ignore-cert-with-oid. [rGbcf446b70c]
  • dirmngr: Avoid initial delay on the first keyserver access in presence of --no-use-tor. [rGdde88897e2]
  • scdaemon: Also prefer Yubikeys if no reader port is given. [rG38c666ec3f]
  • agent: Make missing strings translatable and update German and Japanese translations. [T4777]
  • ssh: Fix adding an ed25519 key with a zero length comment. [T5794]
  • gpgtar: Create and handle extended headers to support long file names. [T5754]
  • Fix the creation of socket directories under Windows for non-ascii account names. [rG7d1215cb9c]
  • Improve the registry HKCU->HKLM fallback. [rG96db487a4d]
  • Prettify the --help output of most commands.

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