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GnuPG: System wide configuration ignored when gpg.conf-2 exists
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I have a gpg.conf-2 in my homedir. This causes the system wide configuration in the appimage under /etc/gnupg-vsd to be ignored.

To reproduce create an empty gpg.conf-2 file in your homedir and check that system wide config is applied:

aheinecke@hopper /t/appimage-gnupg.RWMENKlZuS> export GNUPGHOME=$(mktemp -d)
aheinecke@hopper /t/appimage-gnupg.RWMENKlZuS> gpgconf --list-options gpg   

aheinecke@hopper /t/appimage-gnupg.RWMENKlZuS> touch $GNUPGHOME/gpg.conf-2
aheinecke@hopper /t/appimage-gnupg.RWMENKlZuS> gpgconf --list-options gpg 
Monitor:1:0:Options controlling the diagnostic output:0:0::::

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Not a bug but a limitation of 2.2's option listing: In contrast to 2.3 we can't *show* the used options via gpgconf correcly if there is a conflict between global and local options. However, the actually *used* values are different and correct according to the config. In particular a global forced option overrides any local or command line option.

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