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Kleopatra: Compile error on debian buster
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On our debian buster build system which we still use there was a compile error that Kleo::Settings does not have a member settings.isValidityPeriodInDaysImmutable

I think the problem might be that the kconfig_compiler is in a too old version. If this is easy to change in an older syntax please do so.

I want to update our build system to debian stable (bullseye) anyway where I did not have this problem.

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aheinecke triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 2 2021, 5:41 PM
aheinecke created this task.

The is*Immutable members were added with version 5.68. And the current packages use KF5 5.77. So this should work. Unless ...

Hmm, kconfig_compiler is installed in <prefix>/lib64/libexec/kf5/ as kconfig_compiler_kf5. Adding $(idir)/lib64/libexec/kf5 to PATH in SETVARS in could fix this.

Hmm, cmake should find the right executable of kconfig_compiler. Are you sure that there is no development package of kconfig installed on the build system?

Or are you trying to compile Kleopatra against KF5 that comes with Debian buster?

ikloecker added a subscriber: ikloecker.

Reassigning to Andre to check why the build system doesn't pick up kconfig_compiler from kconfig-5.77 which is used/built for gpg4win and the appimage.

Ingo: Exactly we have the problem that we don't compile build tools before building for the target. So we take the build tooling like kconfig_compiler from the system we compile on. This means that we compile with the tooling from debian buster. Except for Qt which handles stuff like that directly and builds for example moc and the other tools correcly for the build system first.

But yeah I tend to update to bullseye anyway. For example for CMake we already need backports for Buster.