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libgpg-error: permit auto-introspection on non-glibc platforms like musl
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Description observes that for platforms like musl, gpg-error is back to requiring manual collection of lock object sizes.

It looks like 1fb90a7da186ee2ee098a666f6f3a35bb1720e59 changed to scan for a platform triplet of *-*-linux-gnu* instead of the earlier *-*-linux*, but the commit message doesn't seem to explain why that's necessary.

Can we revert the line in so that *-*-linux* platforms regain the automatic lock object introspection? Or, if that's ill-advised, can you explain why it might be a bad idea?



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Thank you for forwarding from Debian.

It was fixed in: rEe17cf023d894: build: Detect a system with musl, as a variant of GNU System.

There was a report in gnupg-devel mailing list, but the original report is not archived for some reason. My reply is:

For the record, my concern here was: *-*-linux-musl is not well-formed triplet, as musl is name of library and not name of Operating System. In general, different C library for another operating system has different ABI.

gniibe triaged this task as Normal priority.

Thank you, @gniibe ! i'm applying your change to the debian packaging as 1.43-2. i'll let you know if it doesn't satisfy the folks trying to crossbuild debian on top of musl.

I'll reopen this if we run into any problems.

Thanks for looking into this, @gniibe! over on Helmut is asking for a re-consideration because he wanted to match arm-linux-musleabihf. Would you be ok with a change like my proposal rE371d1c952297f781277b979a4662859ec80fe836 (on branch dkg/expand-musl), that expands *-*-linux-musl to *-*-linux-musl* ?

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thanks, looks good!