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gpgsm: Signature verificaton fails
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Release: 1.9.18, 1.9.20cvs


x86_64, Linux


With recent versions of gpgsm, I can't verify signatures. The log file says:

gpgsm[30572.0x53e830] DBG: <- VERIFY
2005-12-15 14:32:57 gpgsm[30572] detached signature
gpgsm[30572.0x53e830] DBG: -> S NEWSIG
2005-12-15 14:32:57 gpgsm[30572] DBG: signer 0 - issuer: `1.2.840.113549.1.9.1=#
737570706F7274406361636572742E6F7267,CN=CA Cert Signing Authority,OU=http://www.,O=Root CA'
2005-12-15 14:32:57 gpgsm[30572] DBG: signer 0 - serial: 013E91
2005-12-15 14:32:57 gpgsm[30572] DBG: signer 0 - digest algo: 2
2005-12-15 14:32:57 gpgsm[30572] DBG: signer 0 - content-type attribute: 1.2.840
2005-12-15 14:32:57 gpgsm[30572] no signature value available

Version 1.9.14 works fine, with the same setup. CRL checking and OCSP disabled (can't get dirmngr to read Cacert's CRL or contact via OCSP to it).




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Bernd suggested:

Sourceforge has a compile farm for building and testing software, which
includes two amd64 boxes.

We have seen other build failures on x86_64 which could only be resolved by
disabling optimization. Can you please try this again with the latest GnuPG and
passing --disable-optimization to libksba and gnupg's configure?

werner added a project: Info Needed.

User alonb asked to re-open this because a bug is filed also against gentoo and
that reporter is willing to help. Seems to be a libksba problem.

werner removed projects: Info Needed, gnupg.
werner added a project: libksba.
werner set External Link to

That was just a stupid error, not catched for unknown reasons by gcc. Already
marked as resolved in Gentoo, so we can set it to resolved too. 1.0.3 will be
released RSN.

2008-01-11 Werner Koch <>

  • ber-decoder.c (decoder_next): Initialize NODE.
werner set Version to 1.0.2.