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Kleopatra: Change "List smartcard readers" to "select smartcard reader"
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Under Settings we now have "List smartcard readers"
But to change the setting based on this listing a user has to discover that the setting is under "Kleopatra Settings -> GnuPG System -> Smartcard". This is not so nice when we could in theory just use a radio button next to the list of smartcard readers to offer such a selection.

The second Problem that this has is that many customers want us to hide the "GnuPG System" settings as they are too low level for most users. And when we hide it they cannot change the smartcard reader which can be important as we have at least one customer who does not use standardized readers and where each user would need to change the setting manually.

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I have an uncommitted SmartCardConfigurationPage. I guess, I'll simply commit this and remove the "List smartcard readers" option.

There is now a dedicated configuration module for smart card related settings. Currently, it's rather empty, but maybe there are more smart card settings you want to see there.

The empty entry at the end can be filled with arbitrary values. It also helps to keep the currently configured value even if the corresponding reader isn't plugged in.

I propose to remove the rather useless "List Smartcard Readers" functionality, or, if you want to keep it as debugging helper, move it to a less prominent location.

Removing the list seems reasonable to me, we can tell users in support that they should go to settings- > Smartcard to select the reader used.

I would have preferred a small dialog with the setting, but having this as a config module is fine, too. There might be more smartcard related options in the future.
We might even add a button in there to start the TIM if it is available and installed so that users can initialize their smartcard in a workflow that starts through kleopatra. But this solves the problem now so -> resolved.