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Two fixes for the gnupg-2.3.4 test suite when running on MS-Windows
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The attached patches solve 2 failures when running the gnupg-2.3.4 test suite on MS-Windows:

  • failure in test_close_all_fds due to the fact that close_all_fds is a no-op on Windows
  • t-stringhelp test which fails because it compares file names as simple strings, which doesn't account for the forward slashes vs backslashes in Windows file names.

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Thank you for reporting, and sorry for late handling of this report.

These problem has gone in GnuPG 2.3.5, as we have rG39d478f5ba5d: w32: Fix for make check.:

  • t-exechelp is only for !HAVE_W32_SYSTEM
  • t-stringhelp.c was fixed by fixing mygetcwd function.