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Minor typo in documentation
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In the gnupg documentation, section 4.3, there are two typos in the text for the "~/.gnupg/pubring.kbx" file:

  1. In the word "won't" there is an acute accent or some unicode character instead of single quote char. In the web documentation it renders weird characters.
  2. In the script example given, in line 4, it should mention the file "publickeys.backup" instead of "publickeys.backups"

The fix is done in the doc/gpg.texi in the gnupg repository.

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Typographically the apostrophe character is a different character than the single quote character '. So, the correct fix would be to fix the probably wrong encoded apostrophe instead of replacing it by a single quote character.

But then again: The three other apostrophes that occur in the text are represented by single quote characters. Maybe sticking to ASCII characters is the better fix after all.

The first thing is a problem of the GNU makeinfo tool. Can't be fixed int the source.

I'll fixe the second issue..

werner claimed this task.

Thanks for reporting.

What I found: When the page is served by the server, it omits "charset=utf-8" part. This is the issue.

The HTML page itself is good. When you open the file by file:///... URL in local disk, it should render correctly (even if the use of the apostrophe). The HTML page generated by makeinfo has correct <head> with <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">.

But for some reason of the server, the charset information is not provided to client.

Easy workaround is use of single quote, it's also consistent to other use cases in the document.