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FIPS 140-3 final review comments
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We got feedback from the lab with the following findings:

  • for RSA-OAEP to get claimed, we need to run selftest for that during initialization
  • The PCT (Pairwise Consistency Tests) for RSA and ECDSA need to be executed together with the digest step using the new API
    • RSA is easy
    • ECDSA has more complext construction of the key s-expressions -- not done yet.
  • We need a one more FIPS service indicator to mark the functions gcry_sign and gcry_verify not FIPS approved as we do not want to block them hard
  • We might not need to test both decryption & signature in the PCT, but we still wait for confirmation

The current WIP implementation is attached in gitlab MR, early comments welcomed, but it is not yet final

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For the record, the changeset in the attached merge request is final and waiting for reviews.

werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 24 2022, 6:27 PM

Applied to master and 1.10 branch.

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