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GpgOL: naming of saved attachments
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Open E-Mail with an encypted attachement. Doubleclick attachment "mytestfile.txt.gpg".
-> Window "open attachment" names the attachment as "mytestfile.txt (002).gpg".
When clicking "open" and "save all", I'm asked if I want to save as "mytestfile.txt (002)" or "mytestfile.txt".

I would expect maybe (001) as addition to the name (better: "_001") but not 002.

When I attach the same file to a new mail, " (004)" is suggested.

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I think it is more of a Kleopatra issue.

But @ebo could you please do a test with unencrypted mails and attachments. If this (001) stuff happen there, too? I think so and I am pretty sure I have seen that with normal outlook attachments. Like if you open them twice you get this.

So for me it would be interesting how the behavior of mails with encrypted attachments differs from unencrypted mail attachments.

(Outlook has issues itself, users are just educated to expect them as normal behavior)