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use the attachment hooks to decrypt and verify attachmantes
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We shoudl use the attachment hooks to decrypt and verify attachmantes.
Thiswill also allow to view encrypted HTML attachments.

Not sure whether this makes sense for PGP/MIME mails as this would
require to reencrypt the atatchments or keep them as plaintext.


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Aug 31 2013, 2:00 AM

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Actually this is not urgent, but a feature request.

This is still on my todo list.

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We plan to do something similar for the Informsec grant.

With the informsec code we had "decent" support for encrypted / decrypted

With 1.3.0 we have very nice read support for MIME Attachments (including
Outlook's internal preview). And send support is on the roadmap.

But this is event based code. I'd say we can close this issue.