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Kleopatra: "Not certified" Status for Validity with multiple user ids
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The Problem is that if a key has mutliple userids and one does only certify one of these the overall status is "not certified".
This is something I do not have a good answer to resolve. Maybe another "partially certified" state?

I have a good example where this happens in my keyring. Filtering for trusted-certificates, I was slightly confused why it inlcuded "non certified" certificates:

So when I look at the table, the primary userid would be certified, but not the others. :/ Even just indicating that the certificate has more userids might be a user experience improvement in this case so maybe we should add that as an optional column?

It is also a bit of a problem we have in VS-NfD. To workaround this we defined "All UserIDs must be certified" for VS-NfD. So if a public key adds a uid on update, it might switch from compliant to non-compliant.

Open to suggestions.