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Extract Card Holder Information for the PIV card from the "Printed Information" Object
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PIV defined a "Printed Information" Object (2.16.840., 0x5fc109). In the NIST Tech specs for test cards this is filled with the the following values for TestCard 1:

NIST Tech specs for test cards:

Printed Information:

Name: Test Cardholder
Employee Affiliation: Employee
Expiration date: 20301231 (2030DEC31)
Agency Card Serial Number: 0000012345
Issuer Identification: TSTISR320161719
Page 41, Table 14. Printed Information describes the BER-TLV syntax of the "Printed Information" object

Would it be usefull to use the "Name" filed from the "Printed Information" object as Card Holder Information ?

If so, is there any other driver to look at as an example ?

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