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Gpg4win: Mkportable only allow portable installer with installed features
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Mkportable requires a whitelist of all files included in Gpg4win. These are not extracted from NSIS and need to be updated manually. Additionally the list is compiled into mkportable.exe and so a user cannot manually fix it if we did release an incorrect list.

Especially for Bulk files like translations or Icons this regularly runs out of sync and is annoying to maintain. Like it did for 4.0.4 again and which we already did several times, especially when a security release required quick action. I would like to simplify mkportable so that it only supports making the installed variant portable by copying the install dir completely to the portable dir. Without a whitelist. This will no longer allow you to create a minimal portable installation from a full installation but this should be good enough and more robust.

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As you might have seen from the commits mkportable has been removed from Gpg4win.

If you copy the contents of GnuPG and Gpg4win into the same folder (First GnuPG then Gpg4win and overwrite files which are in both). Create a subdir called "home". And under /bin create an empty file gpgconf.ctl in there you will have the same behavior as before after using mkportable.exe. Kleopatra will in both cases write into %LOCALAPPDATA% and %APPDATA% but the keys and GnuPG Data will be placed in the home subdir.

It might be nice to document that in the wiki.