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Remove mkportable.exe


Remove mkportable.exe

* mkportable-full.h, mkportable-vanilla.h, mkportable.c: Removed.
* inst-gpg4win.nsi, uninst-gpg4win.nsi: Do not install / uninstall
* Makefile.am: Update accordingly.

mkportable.exe has not really worked as advertised since the
KDE 5 Update, (Gpg4win-3.0.0) since Kleopatra would
use configuration files from %LOCALAPPDATA% an %APPDATA%.

Additionally in many releases the file lists were not up
to date causing errors on copy.

While we still think it is usually not a good idea
to have a portable installation, it is still documented
how to do this for GnuPG in the GnuPG Documentation under

As for Gpg4win you can just copy the files anywhere it
can then also find GnuPG e.g. in the same directory.