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The old FSF address in libgcrypt source code
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The libgcrypt sources still have at many places the old FSF address, which was recently pointed to me by Fedora rpmlint:

libgcrypt (master)]$  git grep "Temple Place" | wc -l

This is probably not a huge issue, but as it was already fixed in other code previously, it would be great to clean up also in libgcrypt.

For the record, there are still some files with this address in GnuGP too:

gnupg (master)]$  git grep "Temple Place" | wc -l

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Thanks. There should also be SPDX indentifiers everywhere.

Well, the modern way, recommended by the FSFE, for license notices in source files is SPDX instead of verbose license notices.

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Fixed for libgcrypt, updating copyright notices and license files.

FYI, while going through the licenses again I noticed one of the pinentry files have even older address that so if you would do sed, this would not be matched:;a=blob;f=efl/pinentry-efl.c;h=58796ba1fb153e68d9f93c44b133e30b79f80375;hb=HEAD

Thanks. I think that it was the oldest one: FSF used to be there in Cambridge, then moved to Tremont St. in Boston, and now it's in Franklin St.

I'll try to fix those license things for other gpg related software.