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gpgme-json not installed by default
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gpgme-json.exe is not installed as core component with GnuPG, but only if an application like Kleopatra needs it.

The next version of Enigmail (for Epyrus, Interlink and other Thunderbird 52 forks) will use gpgme-json instead of directly calling gpp, therefore it would be helpful to always have gpgme-json available.

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Actually we have two gpgme versions in gpg4win because gnupg is a "sub"-installer inside of gpg4win and it comes with its own gpgme. That gpgme is the release version but the one used by gpg4win's kleopatra is often a newer snapshot.

I am in favor of installing gpgme-json by default.

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For testing I have created a Gpg4win installer and only selected minimal installation and gpgme-json was there. Both in /bin and /bin_64.