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PCT failures inconsistency in regards to the FIPS error state
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After keys are generated, the PCT are run, verifying the keys behave as expected and are usable. If they fail, the RSA calls fips_signal_error(), which moves the FIPS module to STATE_ERROR (recoverable), while for ECDSA keys, the log_fatal() is executed, which moves the FIPS module state to STATE_FATALERROR (non-recoverable).

This is not a big deal in regards to the FIPS according to the lab, but it would be great to sync on one behavior. Using the RSA approach sounds cleaner so this is my proposal


master, 1.10.x

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I think the patch is okay.

We have not done this in ECC because,iirc, the ECC support is newer than our old FIPS certification and at that time we did not care much about this.

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Applied to both (1.10 and master).

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