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Kleopatra: trust root certificate allowed for user
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Noticed that a user can trust a root certificate and thereby add it to their local trustlist.txt

AFAIK this should per default not be enabled in GnuPG VSD. Or at least not via Kleopatra.



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Are you using an actual GnuPG VSD installer? I'm asking because, as far as I know, several actions are disabled via immutable config entries that are only shipped to customers.

Yes, the installation was with the unmodified Installer GnuPG-VS-Desktop-

I would suggest that with the VSD 3.2 we make --no-user-trustlist the default via the corresponding registry entry and explain how to use --sys-trustlist-name to use a custom trustlist.

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I disagree. Unless customers explicitly request it users should be able to trust root certificates manually. I do not see much difference between this and allowing users to certify their own certificates.
This can be required when a user wants to encrypt something to an unknown certificate, regardless of VS-NfD or not.

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