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GpgME also need to find gpgconf under "/opt/homebrew/bin" by default
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I'm using GpgME 1.19.0.

Users say that in the new version of macOS, "/usr/local" is no longer writable.
So, Homebrew install GnuPG under "/opt/homebrew". You can see it under following.

% gpgconf
keyboxd:Public Keys:/opt/homebrew/Cellar/gnupg/2.3.8/libexec/keyboxd
gpg-agent:Private Keys:/opt/homebrew/Cellar/gnupg/2.3.8/bin/gpg-agent
pinentry:Passphrase Entry:/opt/homebrew/opt/pinentry/bin/pinentry

% which gpgconf

As I know from the source code, GpgME will not search for "gpgconf" under "/opt/homebrew/bin".
This behavior may lead to troubling and misunderstanding of "GnuPG not found" as it has already installed in macOS.
Since GpgME has already introduced many search paths, like "../../" or "../" for Gpg4win or other Software, adding a search path for Homebrew may be considerable.
Users will appreciate.

You can see the conversation about this issue HERE.

Thank you,



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You could configure gpgme with


I can also imagine to append /opt/homebrew/bin to

#ifdef __APPLE__
/* On apple, especially when started through gpgme-json via
   the browser interface we should look into some additional
   fallback paths. */
const char *additional_path = "/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/MacGPG2/bin";
if (!ret)
    ret = walk_path_str (additional_path, pgm);

See gpgme/src/posix-util.c:find_executable()