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Release GPGME 1.20.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.20.0 (2023-04-20)

  • On Windows, the gettext functions provided by gpgrt are switched into utf8 mode, so that all localized texts returned by GpgME or gpgrt, e.g. the texts for error codes are now UTF-8 encoded. [T5960]
  • Key::canSign now returns false for OpenPGP keys without signing (sub)key. [T6456]
  • The new macOS Homebrew location is now by default supported. [T6440]
  • Fix regression in 1.19.0. [rMb608c084b9]
  • Fix invocation of gpgtar on Windows. [rM0c29119e06]

Interface changes relative to the 1.19.0 release:

gpgme_subkey_t              EXTENDED: New field 'can_renc'.
gpgme_subkey_t              EXTENDED: New field 'can_timestamp'.
gpgme_subkey_t              EXTENDED: New field 'is_group_owned'.
cpp: Subkey::canRenc                       NEW.
cpp: Subkey::canTimestamp                  NEW.
cpp: Subkey::isGroupOwned                  NEW.
cpp: Key::canReallySign                    DEPRECATED.

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