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Release GPGME 1.19.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.19.0 (2023-03-17)

  • New convenience option --identify for gpgme-json.
  • New context flag "no-auto-check-trustdb". [T6261]
  • Optionally, build QGpgME for Qt 6
  • Support component "gpgtar-name" in gpgme_get_dirinfo. [T6342]
  • Extended gpgme_op_encrypt*, gpgme_op_encrypt_sign*, and gpgme_op_sign* to allow creating an encrypted and/or signed archive. [T6342]
  • Extended gpgme_op_decrypt*, gpgme_op_decrypt_verify*, and gpgme_op_verify* to allow extracting an encrypted and/or signed archive. [T6342]
  • cpp: Handle error when trying to sign expired keys. [T6155]
  • cpp: Support encryption flags ThrowKeyIds, EncryptWrap, and WantAddress. [T6359]
  • cpp, qt: Fix building with C++11. [T6141]
  • qt: Fix problem with expiration dates after 2038-01-19 on 32-bit systems when adding an existing subkey to another key. [T6137]
  • cpp: Allow setting the curve to use when generating ECC keys for smart cards. [T4429]
  • qt: Extend ListAllKeysJob to allow disabling the automatic trust database check when listing all keys. [T6261]
  • qt: Allow deferred start of import jobs. [T6323]
  • qt: Support creating and extracting signed and encrypted archives. [T6342]
Interface changes relative to the 1.18.0 release: 
gpgme_get_ctx_flag                EXTENDED: New flag 'no-auto-check-trustdb'.
gpgme_set_ctx_flag                EXTENDED: New flag 'no-auto-check-trustdb'.
GPGME_DECRYPT_ARCHIVE                      NEW.
GPGME_ENCRYPT_ARCHIVE                      NEW.
GPGME_SIG_MODE_ARCHIVE                     NEW.
GPGME_VERIFY_ARCHIVE                       NEW.
gpgme_verify_flags_t                       NEW.
gpgme_op_verify_ext_start                  NEW.
gpgme_op_verify_ext                        NEW.
cpp: GpgGenCardKeyInteractor::Curve        NEW.
cpp: GpgGenCardKeyInteractor::setCurve     NEW.
cpp: Context::WantAddress                  NEW.
cpp: Context::DecryptArchive               NEW.
cpp: Context::EncryptArchive               NEW.
cpp: SignArchive                           NEW.
cpp: Data::setFileName            EXTENDED: New overload
qt: ListAllKeysJob::Option                 NEW.
qt: ListAllKeysJob::Options                NEW.
qt: ListAllKeysJob::setOptions             NEW.
qt: ListAllKeysJob::options                NEW.
qt: Job::startNow                          NEW.
qt: ImportJob::startLater                  NEW.
qt: FileListDataProvider                   NEW.
qt: DecryptVerifyArchiveJob                NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob                      NEW.
qt: SignArchiveJob                         NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob                  NEW.
qt: Protocol::decryptVerifyArchiveJob      NEW.
qt: Protocol::encryptArchiveJob            NEW.
qt: Protocol::signArchiveJob               NEW.
qt: Protocol::signEncryptArchiveJob        NEW.
qt: Job::jobProgress                       NEW.
qt: Job::rawProgress                       NEW.
qt: Job::progress                          DEPRECATED.

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